How do you know you are ready to start a business?
You are never hundred percent sure. However, there is a way to find out if you have what it takes: Put together a business plan!

Planning is the next level from dreaming…. and by the time you spend couple of weekends researching, calculating, and deciding – you will definitely know if this is what you want. Let me guide you through this stage and save you a lot of time and work. We can do it over a cup of coffee, or over Skype. We can even put together a small group and brainstorm over cookies (I think you see the pattern here…. just like Mary Poppins, I believe that “a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down”).

Check out the business startup consulting packages I offer below. If you want to think on your own for a while, head on to my blog about my adventures of running a freelance design and consulting business after hours.

“Start A Business This Weekend” Consulting

  • One-on-one class $75/session
  • Group Class Session $25/session (3-person minimum; tell your friends!)

Simplified version of a business and marketing plan development. Designed as a guided, fill-in-the-blanks brainstorming session to get your business idea on paper and ready to launch. 2-person minimum; tell your friends! You will launch in 2-3 sessions.

Business & Marketing Plan Consulting Package – $180

  • From zero to a plan in three sessions!
  • Series of three 2-hr interview meetings, and one final review meeting where I present your written business plan including selling motto and suggest next steps.