I am a freelance graphic designer working with musicians and artists to showcase their work, and help them spread the word out about their art.

Artists: Are you relying on social media as your only marketing platform?

Your social media accounts could be deleted at any moment, for any reason– and guess what happens to all of those followers and likes that you’ve been working so hard to get? It’s like they never existed in the first place and there’s little you can do about it.

As you grow your following and your career, you should invest into having your own website, as it is one of the only platforms that you’ll actually own and fully control.

Other platforms like your social media accounts should be used to connect with your fans and funnel them into a platform that you control (Ex. Your website or email list).

In addition to your own domain name and a website, you should also have something tangible to carry with you at all times to give to interested people as a reminder to look you up online. Be it a business card, a flyer, or a press sheet – it doesn’t matter, as long as everyone you meet gets to take home something tangible.

Check out this handy checklist to help you plan the content for your website!

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